Monday, February 26, 2007

It looked like it was a nice day out today - but man, it was cold tonight at the Dingle. I took this picture of Buttercup here because - doesn't this coat look cute? Her coat is now as bad as she is! haha!
Charlie and Daisy took the opportunity tonight to take their ongoing wrestling match outside of the living room floor and onto the beach at the Dingle.

I had an email today from a fellow who lives in Frederick, Maryland who found my Charlie loves Halifax website and said he really liked the site and was planning on visiting us in the next little while and was going to be using the site - and he wanted to tell me that Frederick was also a really dog friendly city. He said that more than 1/2 the businesses in the downtown core are dog friendly. Isn't that awesome? They have signs on their doors that say they allow dogs and they have water outside their doors and they actually are a proponent of dog-friendliness. Now THAT is a city that has some smart people in charge! haha!

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