Monday, February 12, 2007

I Guess Some Things Never Change - Luckily! *so far

I'm glad I've been keeping this blog for the last 3 years. Tonight at Seaview I thought to myself - "I wonder what it's been like for the last couple years in February - I should check back on the blog and see what it's been like in February, and what I've been complaining about at this time of year, and what kind of snow we had on the ground and stuff.". And do you know what?
Pretty much exactly the same things as I've been talking about this month! Trapping laws, seals, pictures of Charlie and Buttercup humping Daisy - and believe it or not - both 2005 and 2006 had almost exactly the same amount of snow on the ground - just a dusting. Isn't that funny? I've had a couple different dogs though. 2005 had Philip and Leonard. And 2006 had Teddy. 2007 has neither at this point. For good or bad.

Today I watched a movie online called "The Secret" that I guess is supposed to be latest "Celestine Prophesy" kind of thing. The makers of it were on Oprah and everything and it says that you attract what you think about the most - the old adage of - what you think about, you bring about, only this movie tried to turn it into something nice and new-agey so that baby boomers would buy into it more readily.
I've always been a believer though in the idea that you've shouldn't fight for anti-war causes - you should be pro-peace. That's one of the messages of the movie, and I think that's fabulous - that alone is awesome.

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