Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lots of interesting stuff at today's Halifax Kennel Club Show!

I went - alone of course - today to the Halifax Kennel Club show today out at the Exhibition Park, and there were some new interesting booths there. The neatest one was this lady who had come down from Parrsboro for the first time. She said that she has usually always painted naked ladies, and she's just started painting dogs by commission - but her style is REALLY neat. She has a website at where you can see her stuff. Another reason that she was at today's show though was that she's just gotten a distributorship for biodegradable doggy poop bags! Isn't that fabulous? She was selling them today for $89.00 a case - but she said that was a special price for the show, so I don't know what they are regularly - but she said if you use 2 bags a day they'd cost you 7.5 cents a day - which sounds reasonable to me to save the environment! Her email address for the poop bags is and her name is Taylor Redmond. I think everyone should buy a case!

Another really neat thing I saw was this table that had just about the nicest collars I've seen yet - the fanciest and most beautiful collars - the company name on the tags said "All Sewn up" I think - but unfortunately the woman was never at the table the whole time I hung out waiting to see if she came back, and I couldn't see any cards that I could take - so I never found out any information about the products, and I couldn't buy anything either! Hopefully she'll be at the doggy expo at the end of the month, because her stuff was really good.

I met a great pyrenee named Molly while I was there - her owners were showing her themselves for the first time so they were pretty excited. They said they'd always used professional handlers before - I think Molly knew that something different was going on. She was such a beautiful and soulful looking dog I had to stop and take a picture. All the great pyrenee dogs's I've met have been all white - Molly had quite a bit of brown on her - that's why I stopped and asked what she was - I thought they were going to say some exotic breed.
I had to stop by my good friends Netta's table - Animal Rescue Coalition - I hope had a busy day today! There certainly were a lot of people moving through the building - and a lot of dogs too! Poor Buttercup had to bark at them from the parking lot though!

After me and Buttercup did a couple errands we went and got Charlie and Daisy and we all went to Colpitt Lake for a run. I think everyone had a good time. I had a lot of time in bed this week - so everyone needed to breathe some extra fresh air today. We couldn't stay out too too long because of Charlie's leg - but what they did get today they certainly seemed to enjoy!

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