Friday, January 5, 2007

Oh Yeah!

This is the look of poor Buttercup right now as I'm trying out my NEW Andis 2 speed clippers and getting them all oiled up - Terri at Metro Dog Wash ordered them for me and they came in today. I figured that about every 6 or 7 months I've been going out and buying a new set of shitty clippers and paying about $60 a pop for them - so why not pay $250 once and buy a set that's going to last forever? I've probably already spent that much already on clippers that keep going dull and cause excruciating pain for me and Buttercup because I have to keep going over the areas of her body in order to get her hair cut - whereas with these clippers - professional clippers - I'll be able to do them lickety-split! And you never know - I may open up my "dogkisser grooming salon" - shortly! haha! I don't imagine House of Dogs has anything to worry about!

But poor Buttersup is VERY worried at this moment that something horrible is going to be happening to her shortly!

She has even taken over poor Teddy's bed underneath the computer table!

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