Friday, December 15, 2006

Someone just adopted a handful of Sass-a-frass!

My friend Janet has been fostering a little chi mix named Sassy that she calls a chi-a-rott because she's black and tan. She's only about 10 pounds and has fitted in perfectly with her crew that includes a rottweiller named Ursa and 2 english bull terriers - and a rotating daily crew of a doggy day care. Today Janet officially adopted Sassy.

I say everyone should have one little dog along with their big dogs - it keeps your arm muscles supple from carrying them around everywhere! That's what Buttercup and Teddy keep trying to tell me, anyway!

Congratulations Janet! I've put a few more pictures of her on my Google Photos page if you want to see her - click on the Sassy section.

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  1. Anonymous7:57 AM

    I just LOVE Sassy! She's got to be the SWEETEST little dog I've ever met. Especially for a chi (the ones I've met have definitely been one-person dogs or very nervous/high-strung. NOT OUR SASSY!).

    Congrats Janet, and great pix Joan!

    Lisa, Delta, Duncan and Oscar (the Lhasa Mastiff)