Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Morning Spent at Colpitt Lake

Me and the dogs got up a bit too late to walk along the shoreline this morning at Point Pleasant Park, so we went to Colpitt Lake instead, I think the dogs had a good time.A picture isn't a picture without a dog in it - so I had to wait for Buttercup to walk in front of this huge beautiful tree trunk that had been knocked over at some point. It is absolutely awesome in person.
No photoshopping here - serendipity made all 4 dogs happen to be in the shot at the same time that I had the camera out and I got a shot of them all looking at me at the same time. Can you imagine the odds of that?
This is the original shot of the close-up below. This is one of the many man made bridges at Colpitt Lake - Teddy has figured out that going over the bridges keeps him from getting his feet wet - so he likes to use them! haha! He was very hesitant at first - but now he's really got the hang of them. He's being a real trooper lately at staying on the ground.
Here is a close-up of the same shot - it's like he's saying - what are you doing lagging behind?
A nice shot of Buttercup being her typical beautiful self.

It was a good morning all around. Everybody is napping quietly now! Except for me of course!

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  1. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Nice! You'll be happy to know that the guy and I took Delta to Liverpool this weekend and we went to 2 beaches 3 times (Summerville twice). She had a blast - I'll send you pix! (the boys had slumber parties with friends).

    Lisa, Delta, Duncan & Oscar