Thursday, November 2, 2006

There are TICKS at the Dingle!

So I was giving Charlie a scratch on his head tonight and what did I feel but the tell-tale gross bump of a TICK right on the top of his lovely collie bump on the top of his head!

And where could he have gotten it? We haven't been anywhere in the last week but to the Dingle and the woods behind my house (ie Long Lake).

So beware inveterate trekkers of Peninsular Halifax - ticks have invaded us. "Advantage" is no longer good enough for us. Oh woe is us - when this package is empty next month - I'm going to have to bump up to the dreaded and long avoided "Sentinel". Oh how I did NOT want to put that poison in the dogs' bodies. But what's worse - insecticide, or insects? Gross. Gross. I can't handle it. I get such heebee jeebees.

And no - my computer is NOT working - it's taken me all fan-damn night to post this one post - this pc is going straight back to the Future Shop tomorrow - I'm DEMANDING they replace my network card - or give me back my $169 that I paid for my extended warranty - their piddedly "ethernet driver download" that they did to repair my pc did NOT work. It only works for about 5 minutes - and then it stops and I've got to fiddle around for an hour. That is not a repaired pc. I am a very unhappy computer user. Very unhappy.

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  1. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Joan - could you provide further clarification as to why you do not use Sentinel? My Charley has been on it for quite some time (vet recommended).

    Thank you!