Friday, November 3, 2006

By Dog I Think It's Working

Well I think my computer is working again - after a protracted battle with the Future Shop. You have really got to stick to your guns and know what's actually wrong before you go in there or you're really buggered. And then actually make them do what you ask - because they seem to do everything to not do what you ask - that's for sure. Or maybe they only do that to squat middle aged women who come in by themselves. Even tonight when I came in with the printed out report showing them that it was the network card that wasn't working on the product they sold me they were still saying "well it was working fine back in our work area". All I could do was go "aarrgghh". And smile.

But anyway - the above picture is of Jean LaRoche - he works at CBC Radio and he interviewed me a couple weeks ago at Seaview Park about Seaview and Spectacle Lake in relation to dogs and men who do what some men like to do in public in bushes and in their cars with other men sometimes - in other words "sex in public" - and how dog people feel about sharing their space with that kind of activity. Me - I don't have too much of a problem with it because at Seaview where I go most frequently, they mostly stay in their cars, and when they get out of their cars - they're pretty friendly.

The piece is supposed to be on some Sunday morning - but I'm not sure when - and I won't be able to listen to it when it's on anyway, because I'm sure I said a litany of completely irrational vitriolic falderal!

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