Sunday, November 19, 2006

Talk of the Block on CBC

If you're home this morning (Sunday November 19th) and you want to listen to the radio on your internet - an interview I gave a couple months for CBC radio
should be on this morning - it was about how different groups share
public spaces - namely how men who like to go to parks and meet up
with other men, and then interact - negatively or not - with people
who are walking their dogs. I was intereviewed people I talk about it
on my Spectacle Lake page on my website, and suggest people to be
aware of the fact. I think I may also call it "Testicle Lake".

Anyway - I'm not sure if any of my interview will make it, or if I'll
sound like a complete idiot - which I'm sure if any of my talking does
make it - I'm sure I will! But it's supposed to be on this morning

You go to and then click on "Halifax" -
which will bring up a pop up box which should start playing the
Halifax station automatically.

Update Sunday night: My interview DID make it onto the segment and in fact the show started off with "I'm Joan Sinden and you're listening to Talk of the Block on CBC Radio!" - and I just about had a heart attack here in my living room. My section of the show was pretty long, but Jean LaRoche edited me pretty good. We talked about the fact that Seaview Park is one of only 2 legal off-leash dog parks in the city and sometimes when there are negative interactions with the "men" because the dogs bark at them because they've gotten out of their cars to do their "business" and the "men" get mad at the dog owners and the dogs - what are them going to do - call the police? And Jean LaRoche interjects at that point and says - those are tough words - but she's got a point! haha!

I said quite a bit more, but I don't want to bore a whole new crowd of people.

It starts at 8:30am Halifax time - enjoy it for it's less tangible
attributes anyway!

ps: The picture above is NOT one of the park's "men" - but Jean LaRoche - the Talk of the Block's host during our interview! haha! Some days it's so hard to tell the difference, isn't it?

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