Sunday, November 19, 2006

ARPO in the HRM' s First Demonstration!

Well - I think the first demonstration in front of a Pet Store that sells live animals yesterday went fabulously! Except for the fact that afterward I had to go home and sleep for 12 hours straight because I am such an old lady. The dogs are going to be full of piss and vinegar today, that's for sure!

We were able to handle out tons of our educational materials which gave local alternatives to buying your next puppy from a pet store, a map which had locations in Bayer's Lake that you could buy your pet supplies at stores that didn't sell live animals, and several brochures that were personalized for Nova Scotia from the nopuppymillscanada site. We got 100's of signatures on our petition that we've started to enact a law that disallows the sale of companion animals in pet stores - and what truly amazed us all was the amount of people who already knew about the relation between puppy mills and pet stores. Now we just have to get the information out there that the alternatives to pet stores really IS the better way to go.

I of course made a movie of the day - and it even has a couple dogs in it, though they're not mine - I thought my dogs might get too tired with me trying to impose my ideas on everybody passing by - but still - these dogs performed pretty well too I think! haha! Here it is!

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