Sunday, November 5, 2006

Some days you hit gold, some days you hit dog shit!

Today we went to try and find Colpitt Lake. Today we did NOT find Colpitt Lake!

Colpitt Lake is somewhere in Spryfield and the trail starts behind a church - my friend Adele who has Nikki and Penny - she owns an online shop at my furry friends and also sells some stuff at Metro Dog Wash - told me about the trail - but I forgot exactly WHICH church she said the trail started behind, and there's a couple churches on the Herring Cove Road!

So today I tried St. Michael's Church - and guess what - I think it was the wrong church. It did in fact have a trail behind it - but Spryfield is chock a block with trails, that's what I LOVE about Spryfield, and why it's perfection for dogs - but this one was full of garbage and dog shit, and it went behind houses and ended at a subdivions not too far in. So of course Buttercup rolled around in a bunch of dog shit, Daisy rolled around in a bunch of dog shit, Teddy tried to eat some dog shit, Daisy tried to eat some dog shit, Charlie tried to go meet everyone at the back of the houses. Melee's were everywhere. I had a good time doing my whole "Cesar Millan" - eh's - and "I's" - like I did way before Cesar Millan was a household name in order to herd the dogs. I did get one comment from a neighbourhood hooligan about how well trained the dogs were though because they did everything I told them to - although of course I couldn't stop them from rolling in shit.

I didn't have a good time, we didn't find Colpitt Lake - but I'm pretty sure the dogs had a good time though. I'm going to have to email Adele and ask here WHICH church this trail is behind though. I'll report back when we're successful. The trail is supposed to be like 8 kms long - now THAT should be fun!

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  1. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Heya Joan,

    If you go down Abrams Way and then take a left you will hit the trail to Colpitt Lake at a Cul De Sac.

    I can't give much better directions than that but I've walked it with Nelson, Riley and one of my dog walking clients, Dakotah many times and it is nice indeed.