Friday, November 24, 2006

A Couple Posts

Here's an article that was in this week's Halifax West Clayton Park Weekly News - it's an absolutely awesome article about a video store in Clayton Park that actively advertises itself as being dog friendly.

I am calling the Halifax Daily News this morning and cancelling my subscription to the Chronicle Herald - having Peter Duffy, Rick Conrad's less than stellar columns and Jim MacDonald's threatening emails to me have convinced me that the Chronicle Herald does not deserve any of my money - and the Halifax Daily News is much more dog friendly - they seem to cover much more dog stuff than the Chronicle Herald EVER does.

On that note - I've removed all reference to Guysborough in my blog and on the internet in deference to Mr. Jim MacDonald - columnist for the Chronically Horrid.


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM


    Did I miss something? "Removed all references to Guysborough..."??

    How will innocent people know they're in danger, if you don't inform them of the cruel and abusive laws of Guysborough County? The local business community certainly isn't going to do it.

    Harmless dogs could be killed, for goodness sakes!! People need to stay away from Guysborough, and any other region that has ridiculous and arbitrary dog control laws. (Such laws are an indication that legislators are perfectly happy passing unfounded laws without any scientific, statisitical, or practical merit, and against the advice of every reputable expert. Meaning, what other bizarre and unjust laws are on the books, as well?) It's just too dangerous to venture to these kinds of backwater places.

    When people are better educated, they make better choices.

    Well-informed people understand the direct cause and effect of spending money in a region, and defacto supporting that region's laws and social programs. (It's akin to why I've turned down several trips to Brazil and Asia, in the past. Why I didn't buy products made in South Africa during apartheid. And why I'll be fleeing Ontario if the constitutional challenge fails.)

    I hope everyone will put their money where their bodies, minds, and souls are, and refuse to spend one thin dime in any region that has abusive, unfair, baseless, and unconstitutional laws against dog owners (and hapless dogs). That INCLUDES Guysborough.

  2. Ok, but feel free to tell the whole story: I noticed you failed to mention how I told you time and time again to remove my work from this site because of copyright violation, and when I got sick of you posting my material, I threatened to have this issue brought to the courts

  3. It sounds to me like Mr. MacDonald is some kind of bitter, twisted man who surfs the internet looking for his name and when he doesn't find it leaves nasty comments... didn't he read my post about nasty comments? I'm leaving his post here though so the 1 or 2 people who ever find this comment because it's buried back in the archives section find it and say to themselves - who in the hell is this asshole? Probably the only people who will ever read his comment are himself - when he comes back to see whether or not I removed it - which I haven't, and then then he'll see my comment, which will just enrage him even more - will you take legal action about this comment? What is culpable about this comment? Am I being libelous? Slanderous? Or just mean. I don't know. What I do know is you're an asshole Jim MacDonald - and I think your comment proved it. And I'd like to remind you that this blog is about DOGS - not JIM MACDONALD