Saturday, November 4, 2006

A Couple new Posts to my Dumpster Diving Blog

Those of you who have read "this" blog for a while know I have other blogs - I have a blog about dogs and Buddhism called "Dogs are Dharma" where I talk about how to bring your dog into your rituals and how dogs might help us become enlightened.

I also have a blog about stuff I find in other people's garbage called "Dogkisser's Sweet dumpster finds" - my motto about my possessions is - "if you're ready to throw it out in the garbage - it's ready to come into my house!" - that seems to be how I've gotten most of animals too, it seems - and that's worked out pretty good too.

As with everything else there's a philosophy that goes along with it - but I won't bore you with it - I'll just give you a couple pictures and a link to try and lure you over there - above is a picture of Charlie modelling one of my finds and below is a picture of some fencing that my friend found that was a truly MOMENTOUS find - enough chain link fencing to fence her entire yard. Is that awesome or what?

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