Monday, October 2, 2006

Tonight I Went to See Some Unleashed PawsAbilities!

Tonight Metro Dog Wash hosted Tamara McFarland from "Unleashed Pawsabilities" out in Tantallon to give a talk about ideas for how to clip your dog's nails or make it easier to give your dog a bath - or just deal with dogs that don't like to be touched in general.

It was the first time I met her, even though we've exchanged quite a few emails in the past - and she had lots of super tips to give. Her 10 year old dog Sierra was a perfect test dog and acted like he'd never tasted the treats she was giving him before in his life! haha! The topic she presented was such a good idea too - I hope that Terri has Tamara back again to give the seminar again because the tips that she gave were really helpful - and I think tons of people would be helped by them.

Tamara has an obedience school way out in Tantallon - I'm sure the people out there are thankful to have her, because she teaches really positive methods and I really liked her very happy attitude. I'd bet the dogs she trains turn out very well adjusted and highly social. And happy too! Just like Sierra! Buttercup was pretty happy tonight too - I was hoping that I'd get her nails cut while we were there, but instead she just got to lay there and LOOK like she was a good dog. So it worked out GOOD for her!


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