Thursday, October 5, 2006

A Love in for Doggy Day Cares & Janet Chernin Tonight!

Ask and ye shall receive - I sent an
email out a few days ago
asking members of the local dog community
to PLEASE go and support Janet Chernin in her bid to have a section of
the land use bylaw that talks about in home occupations as it relates
to the "keeping of animals" - and the fact that it's illegal - and
tonight that dog community and Janet's neighbours - really came
through for her.

The cafeteria at the QE Highschool was packed with her supporters and
it was a total love-in for doggie day cares, for dogs and the proper
care of them, and for the lifestyle that we want to cultivate for them
and for us together with them.

People talked about how important it was to
have a place that they could take their dog(s) to where they knew that
their dog was going to be treated well, understood psychologically,
dealt with one on one, not ignored, played with, and in an area of the
city that was convenient for them.

Janet's neighbours talked about the fact that the whole time she's
operated her business on Oak Street that they've never had a problem
with noise, odours, or traffic - that she's been a model neighbour and
a pleasure to have around - and they know that she's always worked
very hard at it. It was her neighbours who specifically said that
even if the bylaw was to remain in effect unchanged that Janet should
be grandfathered in some way so that she should be able to stay in
business because she runs her establishment so well and her neighbours
are so happy and willing to let her continue. How much more could the
community council ask than that?

But I think it speaks volumes about local dog culture that everyone
was so universal when they spoke about how important it was to them
that their dogs have the opportunity for socialization - how much it
meant to them that they had well rounded lives - and how committed
everyone in that room was to their canine life companions.

I wish I had the email addresses of everyone in that room - because
they'd be great networking opportunities for dog politics! haha! The
people present there tonight are the wave of the future - and I hope
the city council realizes it and includes provisions for dog daycares
and in home boarding in the bylaws - because if they don't - there's
going to be H-E-L-L to pay, let me tell you!



  1. Anonymous10:39 PM

    With sadness I am sorry I could not attend... My Daisy never got out of the vets office til 7:45. I hope they listened and let this wonderful caring woman stay and keep doing what she does.

  2. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Joan, I wanted to send this to you- sorry not very related to the meeting but needed to send to you asap. Not sure if you saw this is today's Chronicle Herald or not but sounds like disturbing news to me:
    "YARMOUTH -- Dogs might no longer be welcome in Yarmouth.

    The sleepy, seaside town is considering a ban of the animals after discussing the possibility at a recent Yarmouth town council meeting.

    Deputy mayor Martin Pink says one of the biggest problems is dog excrement on the sidewalks.

    Yarmouth does have a poop-and-scoop bylaw on its books, but he says many people aren't picking up after their pooches.

    Pink also said some people have complained about menacing dogs.

    Municipal staff will look at other towns in Canada that may have similar bans."