Sunday, September 3, 2006

Little Ms Money Bags & a Very Cute Whisy

I forgot to mention the crap I bought yesterday at the Kennel club show. Dad, just skip down to the next post please! Everything went to a good cause though - so it was money well spent, right? The t-shirt and book were both from the Dog Legislation Council of Canada who needs to raise about $400,000 for the legal challenge in Ontario. I really wanted a pink t-shirt with the DLCC logo on it, but they only had those in 2-XL and I would've floated away in that. So I had to satisfy myself with this "BSL Stinks" t-shirt. I like my jingle better - I used it last year for the pit bull vigil we had here in Halifax on August 27th - "BSL stinks worse than poo!" I made a bandana for Charlie to wear to the Vigil that said that. But "BSL Stinks" is what I bought yesterday. I also bought the getting very famous book "Dogs Bite But Balloons and Slippers are More Dangerous" - I'm very much looking forward to reading it.

I also bought one of those latex bracelets from the English Springer Spaniel Rescue table - and they've appropriated the logo of "Rescue, rehabilitate, rehome" - which is a super tag line. And I love the white on black - so appropriate for springers! They were one of the specialties for this weekend.

And then lastly I bought a Nova Scotia tartan bow tie for Teddy. Won't that look fabulous on him? It will be TOO cute!

These are a couple pictures of Whisky out on the deck this afternoon. Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen? It's like he's saying - "don't bother me - I'm trying to nap!" He's getting to be a really old codger! Still the best mouser in the house though!

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