Monday, August 14, 2006

Tonight at Crystal Crescent Beach

Tonight was one of those nights where I couldn't take a bad picture of the dogs. They were all coming out beautiful. It was such a beautiful night at the beach. It'd be sunny one second and then cloud over the next - big cumulus clouds in the sky and we were there just before sunset. So the light was beautiful.

And we went to the section of Crystal Crescent that has a little spot of land that is my #1 favourite chunk of land on all of mother earth. It juts out over the rocks and will probably disappear in the next 50 or so years, but for now it's a beautiful grass covered area to hang out. The pictures of Daisy and me and Buttercup below were taken there tonight.

This is what Teddy will do when he comes to a spot that he thinks his little body just can NOT get over. He'll stand there and wait for me to notice that he's stopped and he'll just quiver until I come back and retrieve him. Which I always do.

Daisy found a tennis ball tonight. She was pretty happy about that for about 2 minutes, and then she lost interest and went back to wrestling with Charlie again.

I like to spend a good chunk of everyday with my face pressed up against Buttercup's neck. She doesn't seem to mind too much.


  1. jeannie swinemar11:53 AM

    i really enjoy reading your BLOG and looking at your pictures...

    thanks Joan...

    jeannie :o)