Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Halifax Experiences it's First "Yappy Hour"!

Dog Culture in Halifax took a leap forward today with the first "Yappy Hour" being held at Pampered Paws Inn out in Hammond's Plains Inn. What a great thing to have happen for the city! And what a fun thing to do - and how normal a thing it is to spend time with your favourite companion, be outdoors, meet new people, raise money for a good cause, eat some good food - and have a good time. Is there any better way to spend an evening? I really can't think of one. Pairing having a good time with spending it your dog is so simple and so necessary - and such a needed service in this city - I'm glad someone has finally taken the plunge and decided to do it! Thank-you Wendy! This was the 2nd function that I've gone to out there - the first one was a Charity brunch that was held in June which was equally fun!

It looked like she used a catering service for the liquor part - so that couldn't have been easier for it - which I thought was a really neat idea too - that could be used for lots of different functions - and one that I hadn't seen before. It was put on by "Triangle Catering - Fulll Service Catering and Event Planning" - which is a part of the "Old Triangle Irish Alehouse" - but that would be a really neat idea for any group who wants to have a cash bar for their event but doesn't want the hassle of having to get a liquor licence and all that gobblygook - just hire them and they do all the work!

This is a photo of the ice cream booth - I know that at least several hundred dollars was raised for the Q104 Children's Trust Fund because I was there for the drawing of the 50/50 draw and that went for almost $200 and the winner gave back her share to the cause - so that was good - aren't dog people awesome? haha! The ice cream sales for the day also went to the trust fund - so I made sure that I bought the biggest size they sold for myself, and Buttercup had a peanut butter banana split doggie ice cream for herself - all in the name of charity OF COURSE!

I HAD to snap this picture of the Nova Scotia duck toller in front of Wendy's sign - how much more Nova Scotian can you get than this? And such a perfect example of the breed too.

You KNOW you're at a dog function when you see a dog up on a picnic table instead of food on the picnic table - they probably finished eating 5 minutes ago and promptly put the dog up there directly afterward! haha!

This is a picture of Buttercup at the Yappy hour trying to figure out who she was going to try and attack and beat up next. Everyone else was so well mannered and social and playing nice and being a good companion for their owners and Buttercup was only interested in being the best guard dog and creating a 20 foot periphery around me like she always does. At 11 years old I just say to her - "I love you more than life iteself Buttercup, all light from the universe emanates from your bum and I am powerless. Let me do your bidding". The world suffers, but our time on earth is too short to make Buttercup suffer. Of course if everyone did this there would be chaos - but luckily there is only one Buttercup in this world. I have 4 dogs - and I only do this with Buttercup (and the other 3 dogs know it)

This is a shot of the front of Pampered Paws Inn when I first arrived - it shows the barbecue area. I tried to stay away from there and steered towards the ice cream area. I couldn't go home to Daisy with hamburger breath. That would've just been MEAN.

This is a picture of super band who's name escapes me - but Wendy did a fabulous job of picking them out

After Buttercup and I got home tonight we still had to take the other dogs out though - so we went down to the Dingle so everyone could cool off a little bit. I think everyone was happy to get out and everyone pretty much quickly forgot and forgave the fact that we'd left them alone and had fun without them!

Daisy saying - "what's in your hand up there?"

A typical pose for the other 3 dogs - Buttercup looking blase, Charlie laying down, and Teddy looking pretty keen to get his chunk of liver!

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  1. Have to laugh at your comments about Buttercup the ferocious guardian.

    Also sorta swooned at that giant ice cream on the roof. I want to get in line for a cone. Yum :)