Saturday, August 5, 2006

Buttercup's Haircut, The Fish tank, AND a new place to Walk!

There has been an EXPLOSION of babies in my fish tank. The guppies have had babies and the platys have continued to have babies - so I'd be willing to bet good money that right now in my little 20 gallon tank I have well over 100 baby fish with my 13 adult fish. Can you imagine that? Now that's a lot of baby fish. I've already taken 20 babies over to my friend who owns Tom's Tropicals over in Dartmouth - and I'm going to have to take many more over in the near future. I guess I must be a good grand mother of fish. Who knew? I must say though that I LOVE my fish tank. These fish are SO much nicer than gold fish. 3 gold fish took more work than 4 dogs. 100 baby fish and 13 platys and guppies, 2 cat fish and a pleco take little work (cleaning out the tank twice a week and feeding 2 or 3 times a day) - and give me a ton of enjoyment. And I also love having live plants and gravel which I couldn't have with the gold fish.

I went to a new place today to walk the dogs - but it's a secret location that I'm not allowed to divulge on penalty of death (who's death I'm not sure. I think it may be the death of my properly inflated tires maybe) - because the person who shared it with me said that no one goes there hardly at all and their dogs are not dog friendly at all and they don't want anyone going there and wrecking it for everyone who DOES go there now. So I can't say where it is. Which is fine with me because dog knows I can't take my dogs to places at the same time everyone's going to the normal places - so a vacant place is good for me too!

But there was a couple weird things there that I had to post about. There was a cement squatter thingee there that was really odd that was right next to the water. It would have taken a lot of work to build, and by the looks of the way it's started to degrade - it's been there for a few years. And the cement bags would have had to have been lugged in a really long way because it's at least a 15 minute walk in from the nearest road - so whoever made it was very serious about making it. Isn't that odd? The dogs enjoyed themselves though!

I took Buttercup up to Enfield today to get her hair professionally cut. I'm tired of having to fuss with her - she's just so ornery, and she's developed so many matts on her belly and in her arm pits that I've just given up. And Wednesday night she was wriggling so much that when I was trying to start a new hair cut the guard on my clippers came off 3 times so she was looking a bit like she had mange - so now today - $52 later - all her hair is the same length. And someone else did all the suffering!

Isn't this a cute picture of Teddy I got today? It's too bad he's such a little shit, because he's really a cute little dog.

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