Sunday, July 16, 2006

Today Charlie got to go to the Beach

Today was the first day since May 22nd - the day that Charlie blew all the ligaments in his back left knee and needed to have his ACL surgery - that he's been to the beach. Tonight we went to Crystal Crescent beach for about 40 minutes and I think it made Charlie - and Daisy and Buttercup and Teddy too - VERY happy.

It made Charlie happy because it gave him back a little piece of normalcy. He got to go put his body into the ocean. He got to lay down on the sand. And Daisy got to run circles around him and pretend like she was wrestling with him. She was SO happy to have him out. Yesterday we went over to Conrad's beach without him but it just wasn't the same. His absence was so noticeable. He is the anchor of our crew and we totally need him.

It was a very nice experience to have him back. I really hope it's a sign of things to come. Even if the adventures don't last for hours anymore - it'll be super to just be able to get out.

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  1. Nice to see some sweet pics and looking for your camera to get back all well again. I'm so glad for Charlie. Happy boy!

    The pics of Teddy and his situation worries me. Of course, I'm thinking that he may have some sort of dementia or 'dain bramage' since dogs normally are quite sweet. Some strange neuro thing going on with his brain electronics.

    As to the pitbull and shelter policies, gah, the whole situation is so gosh darn complicated.