Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Media Whoring Continues...

Buttercup was in the Chronicle Herald again yesterday - but unfortunately only in the print version - so I can't post the link online. Funny thing is - it was for Rick Conrad's column. haha.... funny, that. He was talking about the Metro Dog Wash - so they used Buttercup's picture again where she was getting a bath - although this time the picture was really big and in colour. Further proof that she really is the most beautiful dog in the whole entire world. I may be a bit biased though...

As well - my Charlie loves Halifax site is mentioned in the current issue of a local magazine called "Boom Magazine" - my friend Janet Chernin has a regular dog column in there and she's talking about funnily enough - "travelling with man's best friend" and she says "Consult local listings or access a list at, a sure bet for tips and resources for locals and travels alike."

And then tonight I decided that I'd finally act out on my Tom Green obsession and email him at his website and guess what - he deputized me! HAHA! Is that a hoot or what! So I'm one step closer to him becoming my second husband.... Charlie's going to need a new knee within the next year most probably - so time is ticking.

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  1. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Well with an entry like that (Tom Green... ewwww! lol!) I had to look up the site... and found your entry - that's crazy! ;)

    2006-07-26 19:24:20
    Check the O.R.
    Dear Tom, are you looking for a stalker or obsessed fan or anything like that? If you are and are coming to the east coast of Canada - you should definitely swing through Halifax. I'd come to California to stalk you close up, but I don't have anyone to take care of my dogs while I'm away....

    Lisa, Delta and Oscar