Saturday, July 1, 2006

I have looked into the face of evil & it didn't bite back!

I am allergic to hornets, wasps and deer flies - especially deer flies - but I am allergic to all 3. I blow up like a stuck pig. I got bit right at my hair line once while mowing the lawn at my parents cottage once and had to go to the Emergency department twice in one weekend for it. It was awful. Clam Harbour Beach is especially bad for deer flies - I'll take a whole bottle of Benadryl with me when I go there. It's bad.

So last night I'm sitting out on my deck talking to my Mom on the phone and what lands on a piece of plywood next to me but a hornet? And it's just looking at me...walking back and forth on the piece of wood...pacing almost. So out comes the camera and I start taking pictures of him. He didn't even seem to mind the flash - and I had the lens within a couple inches of him too. I must've taken 20 pictures of him. And he didn't flinch once - and he didn't bite me either! Thank Dog! But I did get a couple good photos though! haha!

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