Saturday, July 1, 2006

A Day Spent in the Back Yard

One of the best parts of being a home owner when you have dogs must be having a back yard I'd say. And today with it being Canada Day and it FINALLY being SUNNY - instead of driving off to some far-flung adventure like we've always done, we spent it in the back yard because of Charlie's infirmity. I know that I enjoyed myself, I don't know if the dog's would agree though! I'd say though that Daisy enjoys herself wherever she goes, and as long as Teddy's in my lap he's okay with whatevers going on (see below for whether or not he got his way today).

Daisy cajoling me into a game of tug with one of the ubiquitous toys that seem to be always within her muzzles reach wherever she happens to be.

This is one of the things I was working on - a couple of benches I "discovered" along the side of the road when I was out walking the dogs in the past few months....

When I was painting the benches instead of my lap Teddy sufficed himself with laying on my legs and Buttercup had to be satisfied with laying beside him. They make pretty good companions though. At least they weren't inside the house ignoring me - that would be hell for me!

Daisy and Charlie hanging out on the lawn. Charlie picked his spot and that's where he stayed all day.

A couple more shots of Daisy. She is just SO photogenic.

Teddy in my lap - isn't this like a classic back yard picture though? A flapping blanket on the clothesline - a lobster trap as a lawn ornament - a green lawn - lots of flowers - a red house in the back yard (not my house of course! That's the next door neighbours)

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