Tuesday, June 6, 2006

I Think I Deserve Some Morphine Too!

When I looked at the bill for Charlie's vet services last night - other than almost fainting - I noticed that he'd been given some morphine at some point. I think I should've been given some too!

Poor Charlie. He's in a lot of pain - way more than I thought he'd be, and he's not being nearly as stoic about it as I thought he would. When we were at the vet clinic he was whining like a little baby. And then the car drive home was awful - note to self - do NOT bring all the dogs with you again when you're picking up a dog after having surgery. It makes for a very LONG 10 minute drive. Especially when the patient refuses to lay down and is constantly banging his leg on something. By the time we got out of the car he had his bandgage half off - which you can tell by the pictures below.

So right now he's got 2 pain patches on his back - that they shaved his back for - that will look interesting for the next little while! No award winning photos for me I guess! haha! Metacam, and a pain pill. He's on a 976 calorie a day diet from his ortho rehab vet, he can't walk without me helping him, and he's a whiny little baby.

Currently he's acting like a pretty typical post surgical middle aged man I'd say. It's just very hard to watch when it's in the shape of a dog. I'm sure he'll survive - Buttercup has already tried to attack him for him trying to seek love from me and he's already been barking because someone else was barking at a passerby outside. It's just a matter of time now until I can get him up on his (4) feet and get his life back to some sort of normalcy. Hopefully.

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  1. Whew! Go Charlie, give the crew a piece of your mind! Glad to hear you're getting it back together!

    We've been thinking of you. Hope you have a fast recovery. And YOU get out there and vote too! Stupid politicians! Idiot journalists!

    Article at K9 Magazine about stupid sensational news.