Sunday, June 4, 2006

The Dartmouth SPCA's Dog Jog Was Today!

The Dartmouth SPCA's annual dog jog was a big money winner for them today - they raised over $18,000 - and their goal had been $20,000. They still have more pledges to come in, so having $18,000 come in today is amazing. It poured rain all afternoon - everybody got completely soaked - including me, Teddy - and our liver. Boy did we get soaked. Teddy wasn't too happy about it. If Buttercup would have been there she would've been a real trooper - she just likes to be out - but Teddy is the ULTIMATE diva. Which is very funny - because people were questioning why I had his pearls on him and him dressed up in a pink coat and pink leash - I said "EVERY dog needs their own set of pearls!" I mean - Teddy is a POODLE after all!!

Below are some pictures from today's festivities - a ton of people showed up considering the weather - and they stayed for the whole thing. It was good to see so many people - and it's really neat to see the same people coming out year after year too - it's neat that some people you only see them every year at the dog jog - so you get to catch up every year - and also get to see their new additions too!

Teddy trying to tell me what he thinks about being on the ground for the 10 seconds that he was down there today!

Our very wet table! I shared a table with Maureen Tate who sells Urban Carnivore products and also runs the local terrier rescue. She's my hero - she also gave me Teddy and Ebony.

The most beautiful boxer in the world - Delta, who is the sister to Oscar - who's Mommy is Lisa - who is a huge supporter and worker for many local rescues. Delta is a great agility dog in training. If it wasn't raining today she was going to show her stuff. Next year she'll be weaving like crazy.

2 king charles cavalier spaniels that were all dressed up. I think at one point they even had hats on. I didn't feel so bad about putting pearls on Teddy when I saw them.

Sir humps-a-lot Cookie saw something that looked just like him and thought it looked so good that he had to hump it!

"You are one sweet looking bitch Teddy....wait a second - you're a guy! what's up with the pearls and the pink, Dude? I was going to hump you! I feel sick now!"

Cookie says - "I don't think I can hump your camera, can I?"

", if I remember correctly - I am NOT a leg I'm not going to hump that leg."

An 11 week old St. Bernard puppy showed up near the end and everyone went all gaa gaa. Her name was Lucille and she was very cute - can you imagine being 11 weeks old and this huge? This is going to be a very huge dog.

A police dog came to do a demonstration - and I had to take a picture of the cage he came in. Completely metal and very scary. I wouldn't want to be a dog who had to spend large chunks of time in there.


  1. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Great review/pix Joan! My poor boxer-cross Delta looks so worried in that pix of her though. Probably wondering when I was going to make her leave the comfort and shelter of your/Maureen's table/tent and head back into the rain!

  2. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Every girl needs a set of pearls! ;)

  3. Anonymous9:03 PM

    The pic of the spaniels are not Cavaliers. They are Cocker Spaniels.