Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Very Nice End to a Very Shitty Week

Is this an awesome photo, or what? These 2 dogs are the most beautiful dogs in the whole world. And have I said lately that all the light in the universe emanates from the asshole of that little white dog. Crystal Crescent beach was lovely this afternoon - although Teddy refused to come out of my coat seeing as how he's almost naked currently since he has no hair.

I was reading something today and I thought to myself - "how did that person get away with having that published!" - and all of the sudden I realized that I have become so browbeaten, so demeaned, so debased, so devalued - and today I suddenly realized that I have begun to second guess what I write. IS what I write inappropriate? The normal me says "absolutely not!" But the browbeaten, debased, current me is buckling. I'm starting to believe them - starting to believe that I am a piece of shit who doesn't know one little thing about anything and doesn't deserve to have any authority over anything or be able to make any kind of decisions or be able to email anyone about anything. Ever. And just sit there and take it, because I said so.

We only have this one life to live, and I don't need to waste any of it around people who think I'm a piece of shit. I get enough of that at home from Teddy.

I have to include these couple of pictures that I took of Daisy on the bed a couple nights ago - is it possible for a dog to have a sly grin on their face? I really wish I could know what goes on inside her head sometimes. And then last is a picture of my fish - it turns out I've got a couple females and a couple males and they keep having babies and eating them. They are some very horny fishes that I have. At least someone in my house is getting some. I hope it's not shortening their lives.

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  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    you are a great soul!

  2. Anonymous2:06 PM

    You didn't call me back and I was worried about you all weekend!! I hope you find something you love soon - they certainly do not treat you good at all nor would they treat any other poor person who would come after you. Once you leave to something FAR MORE better will they realize what they have let go - and I hope it rains piss on all of them ;)