Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Delta is Daisy's toy soul mate

Delta is a boxer who lives out in Lower Sackville who is a sister to Oscar who is a lhasa-apso (which I'm sure I've spelled wrong and Lisa is going to be correcting me very shortly!) - and Oscar totally rules the house like Buttercup does.

But Delta - in the comfort of her house - secretly loves to play with stuffed animals - as evidenced by the attached picture. Lisa and I are thinking about starting up a club for dog owners who have dogs that spend a lot of time stuffing animals into the laps of their human life-companions. We can't be the only ones who have to live with this facial look, drooly mouth, soft furry stuffed animal, and requisite stare countless times every day.

When I'm confronted with the scenario my usual response is to squeal at the top of my lungs - OOOHHH - a toy! That's mine! Let me have it! And I grab it and the chase is on. What do other members of the fledgling club do when confronted with such a situation?

Daisy in the backyard on the weekend trying to get her biggest bang for the buck...

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  1. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Believe it or not, you've spelt it (Lhasa Apso) right! Did I use "spelt" correctly?? LMAO! Probably should say "you spelled it". ;)

    Lisa, Delta (Don't play with Daisy; play with ME) and Oscar (I can steal Delta's food!)