Sunday, February 5, 2006

We're awash in slush

We had a huge snow storm on Wednesday that left about 25 cms of snow - and then we went back to our unseasonable 8-10 above zero temperatures and yesterday it was nice and sunny, so the woods above my house are completely slushy. The big dogs didn't notice - and Buttercup didn't really notice until the last 10 or so minutes, and then she'd had enough - but Teddy refused to walk just about the whole time we were out. He just stood in one spot and cried. The ultimate froo froo.

You like Buttercup's turtle neck sweater? It last exactly about 1/2 of this walk before she rolled on something and put a big pick in it. Luckily I only paid $.99 for it at Value Village. I guess she's not a knitwear kind of girl. She's more of a sportwear kind of dog - I'll have to remember that in future shopping trips. It looked good while she had it on though.

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