Friday, February 3, 2006

I Made the plunge

So I finally made the plunge, made the $15 investment and switched the "Charlie loves Halifax" website over from the free Yahoo website over to today. It's going to take a long time to transfer everything over - but I finished the main page and the site map page which is good enough for right now.

The site's been getting too many hits and was continually being shut down by Yahoo because of too much data transfer - so hopefully that won't happen anymore.

The architecture of the site is going to be completely different too, which won't mean anything to most people - but to me has been wracking my brain for quite a while. I really like the architecture at if you look at it closely - and that's how I'm going to set up my site too. Only geeky people will care about that stuff though. Other people can just completely skip this post! But to me, the architecture of websites is fascinating and one that I can look at and admire - or swear at and blast for it's stupidity!

I bought the domain name - for those that care, at and am hosting it at dynamic hosting - which is a company down in Cape Breton with a plan that they have for "a buck a month" - which sounded good to me!

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