Monday, November 21, 2005

We've started going back to Seaview

Since the time changed a couple weeks ago we started going back to Seaview at night.

For some reason as soon as the time changes people stop taking their dogs there after dark so it's safe to take the dogs there after 7 pm. So we've been going there several times a week now to blow the stink off us - it makes the decision on where to go at night much easier.

For some reason though the men in the parking lot have started coming out of their cars and it's like a big social club there now though - which is a little weird. They're all just standing around talking, smoking cigarettes, and drinking coffee - and coming in and out of the bushes, if you know what I mean. They've always just stayed in their cars before now - which is what I've liked about the Seaview men - they stayed in their cars and did their business there - unlike at Spectacle Lake where they're all over the place and harassing the dog walkers.

So far though they've been very friendly. Poor Charlie is having a horrible allergic reaction to something he's eaten so he's all broken out on the back of his legs - and he also is really reactive and barks like crazy when he's having a reaction - so all those men are really getting an earful of Charlie's lungs every night. And he just loves to chase them too when he's feeling this uncomfortable. Normally he'd just ignore them - but when he's having a reaction - he likes to let the whole world he's not feeling well.

The way I look at it though in regards to the men at Seaview is a drug dealer having his drugs stolen and he calls the cops - what are the cops going to say? The men call the police because a dog is barking at him while he performing a sex act (in public)while he's in a dog park - what are the cops going to say? Enough said! haha!

Here's a couple pictures of Buttercup humping - that's what she likes to do because she's the boss of the whole world - and where's Teddy? In my coat of course!

He's finally getting his teeth done this Friday - so I'm finally going to learn whether his aggression is caused by his rotten teeth or his rotten attitude - I won't be able to blame it on his health any more. And that's a good thing!

Oh, I'm humping yes indeed... Posted by Picasa

And I'm jumping, because I'm the boss of this crew.... Posted by Picasa

Oh yeah, I like to stay on top of every situation... Posted by Picasa

But where's Teddy? Inside my coat of course! It's below 15 degrees celcius! That's too cold for Teddy! Posted by Picasa

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