Sunday, October 16, 2005

Conrad's Beach today

It was so windy at the beach today that is was literally making me dizzy! I have never been at the beach before when it was that windy. It was pretty neat. The dogs didn't seems to notice.

It was TOTALLY gross though because they came upon a seal that - I guess the wind must have - uncovered a decomposed seal - it was mostly bones - but there was still some flesh - to roll on - so they were so stinky, combined with sticky - it was disgusting. Buttercup promptly had a bath when we got home. Luckily Teddy still hasn't learned how to roll on stuff - so only 3 out of 4 dogs stank. It was BAD. This is #2 in my series of Teddy running towards me at top speed.... he was running with the wind to his side - it's lucky the wind didn't completely pick him up and take him away!
This picture is a panorama of the whole beach today. The waves were awesome.

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