Thursday, September 1, 2005

Fort Knox Part 2 or What Happens When Go from 2 rats to 3

So Mrs Dingle died and I just had Jada left and when I decided to keep her I knew I had to get a second rat to keep her company so I got Greta. Jada bounced right back to her old self and was just as happy as when Mrs Dingle was around but Greta didn't seem very happy at all - we thought maybe it was because she'd been separated from her sister who she'd been rescued with and had never been separated from so Sonya from rat rescue super graciously gave me her sister Poppy and POOF I've got 3 happy rats!

But suddenly I've got 3 rats in a cage where only 2 had lived very happily before and my friend who's visiting comments - "I think Poppy likes to climb - we should get her a cage where she can climb". So what we did was buy another rabbit cage just like the one they were already in - but it turned out to be one size up since I guess we didn't have the cage with us in the store - I took the top off the new cage and sat the old cage on the new cage - lashed them together - put chicken wire on the new cage like I did with the old cage so that the little bastards can't come and go whenever they feel like it (like Jada used to do before I put chicken wire on the first cage - see my posting of December 19, 2004 if you want to read more about THAT escapade!

Anyway - so here's some pictures of the before and after - you wouldn't believe how much they ran all around the cage when I put them back in after I'd put it back together. It was just like the family's you see when they go into their new home on "Extreme Home Renovation" and shows like that. It was pretty neat.

Now I have to get busy making them some new toys and hammocks to fill the space up!

The original cage... Posted by Picasa

Fort Knox Part 2! Posted by Picasa


  1. Time to acquire another 4 ratties. That's how big Fort Knox is!

  2. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Yes, I do have the last 2 girls here. and one looks like Mrs Dingle :P and they lived with Greta and Poppy ;P