Sunday, August 21, 2005

Another littermate of Charlie's is at the SPCA

His name is Beethoven. He is smaller than Leonard - and it was like looking into the eyes of Leonard - I almost started crying because I miss Leonard. He looked so sad too. He's been there for a couple weeks already because he's been tagged as to go to a home with "no children" for some reason and he's a senior dog. He also came down with kennel cough - so even though he's available for adoption he has yet to be put on the adoption floor so he's been kept in the back cages the whole time he's been at the shelter. When I was there today there were FOUR empty cages in the adoption room out front. The volunteer who had in out front for a poop while I was there said he's gotten quite depressed but that he's a lovely dog - it would seem that he's gotten all the gentleness of the family - but none of the barkiness and he doesn't have any of the problems Philip had at all. And he is absolutely tiny - he really is sheltie size. He really got all the sheltie and none of the lab. His Petfinder listing is here -

I'm going to go over this week and spend some more time with him. I took more pictures than this of him but they turned out all the same - I'd say he's quite depressed - he didn't really move at all while I was there - but he DID eat the liver I offered him - so that was a good sign!

It's like looking into the eyes of a big-eared Leonard Posted by Picasa

Licking his lips.. Posted by Picasa

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