Sunday, August 21, 2005

2nd Kick at the can to Hfx General

Donna said: "You're not serious, are you? Humans are humans and dogs are ...... pets. As much as I love my two cats, I would not allow them to stay in the home if they showed persistent signs of aggression and I would NEVER own an animal that was bred to be aggressive. Comparing racial prejudice with BSL is insane. "

Yes, I have to admit that I am one of those silly people who see all living things as actually being alive - living, breathing, alive beings who breathe, are born, live, and die - who have feelings, have good days, bad days, like certain foods over other foods, prefer to sleep on soft surfaces over concrete, would rather sleep in a dry spot than in wet mud, feel much better after they've had a good crap - and just like humans - I do NOT have the right to determine whether live or die based COMPLETELY BECAUSE OF THE WAY THEY LOOK OR WHERE THEY WERE BORN. Now - if they've gone out and killed a bunch or people and been found guilty of heinous crimes, that's something different entirely - I am actually in favour of the death penalty for humans - so why wouldn't I be in favour of the same thing for dogs? But I would never want a human killed because they were butt ugly. I would've been dead years ago - and maybe you would've been too - I've never met you.

But I believe that dogs, cats, humans, pigs, cows, and all animals are all equally alive and all should be treated equally. I will NOT apologize for that.

And I'd like to thank you Firecat for coming into the conversation - I hope Fred is okay!! He must be getting up there now in age! I hope you can make it to the vigil - I'm going to be bringing Charlie with me - Leonard has gone up to Toronto to live with her father so she won't be there. Do you ever see April anymore? I always really appreciate your posts - they're always VERY well articulated and RIGHT! haha! Going to your idea of your family's toy poodle - I've got a little bichon mix who will NOT be at the vigil because of her dog aggression problem. Charlie - who is 110 pounds is a perfect ambassador for dog-dom and can go anywhere - Buttercup on the other hand has been banned for many places because of her incorrigible behaviour.

Wonkey said: "Thanks for providing your name Joan, now I will refer to you as 'Joan the moron', not just moron - I think it will help everyone refer to you more accurately. You must have been a sorry child whose parents were 'not really that big a fan of' her. You may want to consider spending more time interacting with humans instead of your dogs"

I have no idea why people always think that just because an adult has an affinity for having dogs as companions in their life society thinks it's because of the way their parent's raised them and there must have been some deficiency in their childhood. I had a perfectly normal childhood. Those kind of statements always confuse me. And I'm surprised that you decided to continue with using the word moron in close association with my name Mr Moron when you saw that I take advantage of the website - I went and looked up your user name "Wonkey" - it's defined as "Probably alteration of dialectal wanky, alteration of wankle, from Middle English - Shaky; feeble, wrong, awry - so I think you hit the head on the nail when you picked your name that you use on the internet!! haha! I also looked up moron so that you wouldn't have to waste time go looking it up: "A person of mild mental retardation having a mental age of from 7 to 12 years and generally having communication and social skills enabling some degree of academic or vocational education. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive" - so it's basically just an archaic term that no one uses anymore and people just find offensive now - I'm not offended - I never take anything said about me on the internet personally because you don't KNOW me - I'm just bemused.

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