Friday, November 5, 2004

It's been a super stressful past couple days

There's been dog issues, clandestine relocation issues, going back to work isses, and some other stuff - so the dogs have been very generous with me and allowed me to get a couple beautiful shots of them. I've also done a bit of sewing and quite a bit of cutting of fabric in the last few days too, which is good.

I've also started to give Buttercup a haircut which is a several day torture for both of us. She does not like to get her hair cut. It would be so much easier to take her to a groomer, but who wants to pay $50 bucks and they always cut her elbows to make her bleed and never cut enough away from her bum hole. And I have a knack for cutting dog's hair (I don't know if anyone else would agree!) so in the long run it's worth it. But it's hard on both of us.

Anyway - here's a couple pictures from the last 2 days - the first 2 pictures are from Spectacle Lake today where we went after our ill-fated visit to Molson...

Any idea what these little orange fungi/mushroom thingis are? Posted by Hello

Another neat angle Posted by Hello

Further proof of Charlie's photographic perfection... Posted by Hello

And Buttercup couldn't be outdone by Charlie! Posted by Hello

Charlie gave his snif of approval to a test-dog quilt before it went to Cape Breton today... Posted by Hello

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