Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I'm very easily amused - today's Petpourri column

"Charlie loves Halifax" made it into the Kibbles and Bits section of today's Petpourri column in the Chronicle Herald -


Get your pup's picture taken with Santa Claus this Sunday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at The PawPlex, 42 Borden Ave., Burnside Business Park. A fundraiser for the SPCA, one snap is only $6. For an extra $2, you can get the digital photo e-mailed to you. Thanks to Joan Sinden at Charlie Loves Halifax ( for the tip. Speaking of SPCA fundraisers, they're also raising money by selling fudge, truffles, fruitcakes, cookies, tea, popcorn, mixed nuts and scented candles - in time for Christmas. To place an order, call 902-835-4798 by Nov. 25.

I had emailed him about the Santa Pics since I'm the photographer for it - and I didn't make any mention that I was the "Charlie loves Halifax" person - so it was nice of him to make the plug too! That was a nice surprise this morning.


It's weird but I haven't taken hardly any pictues in the last week - especially weird since I have a new family member - Philip. For some reason I have been feeling the need to sleep an extra extra amount the last several days and have done almost exactly nothing. I'm hoping that will improve shortly so that Philip will know there is more to his lifestyle than just hanging out on the living room floor. But tonight he did spontaneously steal Leonard's ball at Seaview and start chasing the ball - which completely blew me away. After almost a week it was the first time he has shown any knowledge of knowing how to do any kind of play type activity so it was quite amazing to watch. Hopefully there will be pictures to come.

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    Greetings from a fellow Canadian and animal lover. You have a nice blog.