Thursday, November 18, 2004

Crystal Crescent Today

I was able to get my ass out of bed long enough to take the dogs to Crystal Crescent Beach today. I let Philip off leash for the first time today too - it's always terrifying the first time you do it with a new dog - are they going to just run right away? He was super though. He came back each time I called him and always stayed with us. I was really happy with him. He even seemed to try and play with Charlie and Daisy for a bit - he was running around them in circles while they were wrestling, barking at them and giving them really hard pokes. Charlie and Daisy weren't sure what he was doing but he looked really happy and his tail was wagging, so I'm sure he thought he was playing. It was awesome to watch.

The photographing gods were very good to me today - I never set any of these up - can you believe that Charlie and Buttercup would stand on the edge of a cliff with the sun at their side while I had my camera turned on so I could take a picture of it? Neither could I - I almost keeled over after I got that picture. Amazing.

Buttercup and Charlie surveying their kingdom Posted by Hello

A picture of the 4 of us the only way I know how - Leonard, Charlie, Philip - and my shadow! Posted by Hello

The second of hopefully what will be a million pictures of Leonard, Charlie and Philip in the same shot! Posted by Hello

Charlie ponders the heavy load he carries as head of household - or maybe he's just looking at a rock. Posted by Hello

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  1. Hi,
    Saw your comment on the person "disposing" of their dogs on hfx.general, and I have to agree- a pet is a commitment for life (yours or theirs).

    I see that you have ratties - I'm a rat lover myself and looking to get a couple new ones (we lost our guy over the summer) - we do have chins, a mouse and a hamster as well. Since we're in an apt dogs are out, and my son gets stuffed up around cats.

    Your blog is great, I've enjoyed reading it - and the photographs of the dogs are beautiful !!