Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Who's Shooting the Seals off Sambro Head?

There are 3 dead seals at Conrad's Beach. The scuttlebut is that the fishermen are shooting them because they think that seals eat too many fish. In the past fishermen were allowed to shoot seals. I don't know what the law is now with all the animal rights laws going on with the new world order. It just seems very strange that there's 3 dead seals on one small stretch of beach. 2 have been buried and one I guess was just too big for the old couple who buried the other 2. One of the 2 is buried really shallowly and the dogs had a great time rolling in it today. I think rolling in stinky stuff is part of the fun of going to the beach, so I let them do it. Does that make me a bad dog owner?

Anyway, that's not the point of my post. The point of my post is that it's not only the seal hunt off Newfoundland that you've got worry about if you're worried about the seal population dwindling. It's fishermen everywhere that seal's live and eat their perceived livelihood. This beach is a 10 minute drive away from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Yummmm....freshly buried dead seal - nothing better to roll on - you not only get greasy - you also get completely covered in sand... Posted by Hello

This is what a dog looks like just after he's just gotten up and shaken himself off after rolling on freshly buried dead seal... Posted by Hello

The seal's reason for dying? Posted by Hello

This is her the day she washed up on shore - September 12th - there were no marks on her except for a "mysterious" hole down near the bottom of her body... Posted by Hello

The head of a long dead seal Posted by Hello

She's just about ready to pop now - her skin's just like the skin on the white meat of perfectly cooked turkey Posted by Hello

This is Buttercup covered in seal oil - I think she's a little pissed the seal hasn't opened up yet so that she could crawl inside and roll around. I am personally happy that hasn't happened yet because that makes the drive home 10 times longer than it really is... Posted by Hello

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  1. The seal was likely shot by a fishermen using a nuisance seal license. It is a common practice for fishermen to shoot "nuisance seals" and leave them, often alive and suffering, in the water. The bloated carcasses of these seals are often encountered by tourists on our shores.

    In case you didn't know, it's extremely unwise to allow your dogs to come into contact with dead seals. They carry many diseases and parasites, and animals in fur farms have died after consuming seal meat.

    It's not a good idea to let your dogs to come into contact with any rotting animal, but especially not a seal carcass.