Sunday, October 24, 2004

No one died - including humans at the pit bull demonstration!

As it turned out some brave souls defied the pit bull ban imposed by the pit bull lovers and brought their dogs to the demonstration on Saturday and guess what - nothing happened! Everyone was well behaved - the goombah's who could have showed up with their cigarrette butts to put them out on the backs of the dogs, the dogs themselves to fight with each other, and the owners who objected to breathing the same air with other people's canine life companions.

I for one am forever thank-ful to those people who DID bring their dogs. I think those are the people who are the true fighters for the cause - willing to bring their dogs out into the light of day to show Michael Bryant what he's fighting against and what he's going to be killing - so he can actually see and feel what the blood on his hands is going to look like when his law comes to fruition. Bravo for those 12 dog owners I say.

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