Saturday, October 30, 2004

Eddy the super bouvier triumphs once again!

I went to visit my favourite former foster dog tonight - Eddy - she's been sick, but has made her typical amazing recovery. She went from not being able to walk a couple days ago to resuming her dinner dance tonight. She is such an awesome dog. But she always seems to be so close to the edge of death because of the horrible life that she's had (she was a breeding bitch in a puppy mill) that every day is a miracle and it's impossible to not micro-manage all her little twists and turns and think that every time she gets diarhea that this is the beginning of the end. But Eddy will continue to outwit us for a few more years I think. She's got a lot of oomph yet. I know that I need a lot more cuddles from her, that's for sure!

Eddy and her Mommy - "please you're hogging my shot Mommy!" Posted by Hello

"Now that's better - you give me love, and former Mommy shoots me from my good side!" Posted by Hello

Buttercup was NOT impressed that I was daring to give love to a dog other than her - after a very long time she deigned to allow me to show some attention to Eddy. I will be forever in Buttercup's debt. Posted by Hello

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