Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A Super Neat picture and Daisy's Looking Up!

I finally figured out how to use the stitch feature on my camera! So this is a picture of Conrad's beach taken on Sunday afternoon - it's 3 pictures merged together, it's pretty neat isn't it? It's a shame there's no dogs in it though.

The dogs were elsewhere being good. Daisy's being very good - I was super impressed with her last night. None of her lunges were ending with bites and on Monday night she encountered a bicycle and did nothing and I mean nothing, I couldn't believe it. Charlie barked at him more than Daisy did. But last night she was off leash the whole time we were at Seaview and she didn't have one confrontation, and I wasn't even feeling particularly lucid. That's usually when she's at her worst - when I'm not feeling "on" - we didn't actually enter the fray of dogs in the dog park end - we just hung back and Charlie and her wrestled and we just walked around, so maybe that's the key - and I've known that all along - to keep her arousal level as low as possible. But I knew I couldn't go join the group because there was a dalmation and a golden retriever there and that would've spelled disaster for Daisy. It would've been nice to at least say hello though...

A Super neat picture I took at the beach on Sunday! Posted by Hello


  1. Anonymous2:11 PM

    what kind of camera?

  2. A Canon Powershot A80 4.0 Megapixel - I love it! You can set it to take the pictures automatically or you can set all the options to manual - there's also a ton of accessories you can get, including optional lenses and a cover that will let you take pictures underwater. I did have a Sony Cybershot 5.0 megapixel - but I like this camera MUCH better. And now that I've figured out the stitch thing I'm going to go take a bunch of panavista's of my favourite places!