Saturday, September 18, 2004

Shit, almost a week since I've posted!

I've been doing a lot of sleeping with small pockets of activity mostly devoted to the dogs or to the back yard when my Dad has happened to show up and say we should go back there and pull out some weeds. I'm dealing with a "medication induced headache" and a couple other health issues that are making the dogs very happy. They go out for their morning pee and then Buttercup fairly skips back to the bedroom because she knows that that's where I'm headed - and not out the front door. She's loving it.

I found a buried car in the front part of the back yard this week. I'm pretty sure it's a convertible because the fabric top is still attached. I found one of the doors further back on the property which is below so you can see what colour it was. Who would bury a car in their back yard? It's in the middle of what I would've considered a garden area but it's also chock-a-block with garbage too - but then so is the rest of Spryfield.

My Dad said to just fill in the hole and bury it but that's too easy. I'm going to dig it up and see what I find. I hope there isn't a dead body in it. Maybe I can make a zen pond out of it or something. That would be neat, wouldn't it?

There's also a picture below of the dogs trying to get a piece of a whole dead seal that was washed up over at Conrad's beach. I'd never seen a whole dead one before - just ones with missing heads that were stinking to high heaven - this one must have been recently dead. Buttercup wasn't trying to crawl inside it anyway. Hopefully we'll get over there again in the next couple of days to see if the carcass is ready to be rolled on so that the house smells like what your guts would smell like if you were left outside dead in the water and sun for a week. Sweet.

The dogs try to catch themselves a dead seal Posted by Hello

Some of the garbage on the back 40 of my property... Posted by Hello

Here's one part of the car that's buried in the middle of my garden area in the back yard! Posted by Hello

A long shot of Dad working hard in my back yard - he just turned 75 last week. It's SO hard to get good help these days... Posted by Hello

Today we went to Point Pleasant Park since it was pissing rain - a good day for Daisy - I've wanted to go down to the shore to look for rocks for the fish tank. But MAN IT STUNK there today! Whoa, it was bad. I think even the dogs were noticing. It was bad. I was down at the end where the sewer stuff comes out, but still - it was wicked. Just about the worst I've ever smelled it. I didn't find any diamond rings though. I've always said that "someday I'm going to find me a diamond ring there - people are always flushing their diamond rings down the toilet, right?" So someday I'm going to find one there! I just have to be patient...

The dogs down at Point Pleasant Park today Posted by Hello

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