Monday, September 6, 2004

Peter Duffy Got me Going Again!

Peter Duffy wrote in his column today about the pit bull attack in Ontario last week and he was predictable awful about it. So I had to write in and say something. I'm sure it won't get published since they've published my other letters about him, but I had to do it anyway. I'll be adding it to my Peter Duffy rant page. I did tell him that every time he said anything bad about dogs I'd be writing in to educate him, so I couldn't let my promise slide! My Peter Duffy rant page is at: in case you've never been there before.

So here's the letter:

Peter Duffy's Sunday Herald Column Comment re Pit Bull Attack in Ontario

Letter to the Editor:
I struggled whether or not to write a letter to the editor about Peter
Duffy's completely predictable paragraph about the pit-bull attack in
Ontario last week that he mentioned in his column by saying "a
pedestrian was attacked by two pit bulls the other day... Some places
have already banned ownership of these dogs; others are debating it.
Until that happy day, may I suggest a very simple interim solution:
muzzles. The sooner owners are made to muzzle beasts like these, the
better." But because of what he said - the inaccuracies of his
reporting and the fact that he had to mention muzzles again and how
inappopriate they are - I had to write in.

Number 1 - the victim was not a "pedestrian". The victim was in fact
the breeder of the dogs - most dog bite victims are members of the dog
owners family and not strangers and the bites usually happen on the
dog's own property. So Mr Duffy calling the victim a "pedestrian" was
giving the tragedy a random action that it certainly DID NOT deserve.

And number 2 - muzzling a dog can produce or make worse fear induced
aggression because they don't feel like they can protect themselves
and it can also make them very unpredictable - especially if they have
to have them on for any length of time. So legislating dogs to have
muzzles on whenever they're off their owners property will have a
whole bunch of walking time bombs in our city - does Mr Duffy want
that? I'm sure he thinks that's what we have right now - but
sometimes you have to watch what you wish for - it's a lot worse than
the devil you know.

I get the impression that Mr Duffy would prefer to see all dogs dead.
I don't know what traumatic event precipitated this - there's a lot of
people out there who don't like animals - but they don't have
newspaper columns!


Joan Sinden

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