Friday, September 10, 2004

My Shed

There was the ugliest shed in the world back there that probably should've just been torn down - but it's now a piece of folk art almost it's so nice - I picked the colours. I'm trying to figure out how to stick my buoys on it. There was a cartoon in the paper this week that was excruciatingly appropriate about my new home ownership that I thought I'd stick here too:

What my neighbours MAY be saying about me. I'm not very good about mowing my lawn, and Daisy likes to dig. And Leonard likes to bark (from inside the house though!). Posted by Hello

This was the very first picture that I took with my fabulous new Canon Powershot A80 4 megapixel camera - my broken down metal shed in the back yard.... - I took this picture in June 2004 Posted by Hello

It was sort of raining when I took this picture - but this is the same shed all fixed up! My Dad and I put a new wooden door on it and put rustoleum paint on it and now it positively glows! It's good for another 20 years now. Just as long as nothing falls on it, I suppose. Posted by Hello

Daisy isn't terrible impressed because her line isn't long enough so that she can pee or poop on it! Posted by Hello

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