Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Mrs Dingle got a new sister today - meet Jada!

Jada came from Pebbles Rat & Rabbit Rescue who got her from the SPCA - she was surrendered to them about a week ago. She's about 3-4 months old. Rats need companionship and shouldn't live by themselves I've been told - so in order for Mrs Dingle to have a good life she needed a sister - I think right at this moment though she's not agreeing with me! They're both running around the cage and sniffing each other periodically and then running away and then periodically running up to each other and having little fights. Nothing serious, just little hissy girl fits and I'm supervising the whole thing. It's quite cute, actually.

I started out by putting Jada's cage inside Mrs Dingle's cage... Posted by Hello

Jada stayed in her box but seemed curious Posted by Hello

But Mrs Dingle wasn't having any of it! Posted by Hello

One of the first pictures of Jada & Mrs Dingle together! Posted by Hello

Stay tuned for more pictures as they give me opportunities with their cuteness!

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  1. Jada's soooo cute! And I've saved that pic of Mrs. Dingle with all the popcorn. Amazing picture.