Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Co-mingling of rats has begun

I took a vacation day today so this morning I let Jada out of her cage and went and had some breakfast. When I came back both rats were in the nesting box together and appeared to be sleeping, and I thought "how sweet - I'll get the camera!" When I stuck the camera - poor Jada was being the victim of some serious bullying I think. Mrs Dingle seems to be taking the upper hand in this relationship so far. Although I did notice tonight that Mrs Dingle's got a big lump on her neck which I'm hoping is from a nip from Jada - rather from a fast growing cancer - because it wasn't there yesterday and it's a pretty big lump. But there does appear to be a red spot there too - so hopefully it's from a nip.

I really didn't think Mrs Dingle was going to have so much hootzpah. She's a firecracker, that's for sure. But I'm sure that they'll be in love within a very short amount of time.

Mrs Dingle has found a new pillow to lay on... Posted by Hello

I'm not sure what Jada thinks about it! Posted by Hello

But she can't mind too much! Hopefully tomorrow she'll be the one on top! Posted by Hello


  1. Hey! Nice rats. I live way down here in the Arizona desert near the Mex. border..we have these delightful creatures called pack rats that look like chipmunks. They've been staking out my front door with bits of cactus and stuff. Liked your dog photos as well.....

  2. Really cute rats! :)