Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Mrs. Dingle went to the vet tonight!

So the sores on Mrs. Dingle's back aren't going away fast enough so we took her to Parrots to Ferrets and Friends Vet Hospital tonight to see Dr. Benoit - he's supposed to be the best rat vet in the city so that's where we went. Dr. Benoit thinks that Mrs. Dingle is only six months old at the oldest - so that's good news! We should be able to have lots of time to have good love. He gave us some antibiotics and stuff for the sores - in case they are mites. I have to give her stuff for the next 6 weeks. Mrs. Dingle wasn't very impressed with the whole experience - but as soon as we got home she went right back into her cage and started playing and looking for scratches, so I think she'll be okay. And now she won't have to go through any of that again unless she gets sick! It's all lollipops and sunshine from here on in!

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