Thursday, July 22, 2004

A couple of links that sparked my interest today - brushes with greatness

I belong to an organization called "Dogs Deserve Better" and the founder of it chained herself to a dog house over the July 4th holiday - the Best Friends organization just did a super write-up about it on their web site and it's at: Best Friends No More Homeless Pets - my dog Daisy is a formerly chained dog and she fits the prototype 110% - but luckily her anger is only fleeting and her joy is boundless. Unlike me. I'm the opposite.

And I always tell anyone who'll listen that all Sinden's come from one man - he was a monk in England who when Henry the VIII made his own church and shut down all the monasteries and kicked out the monks so that they had to become normal men - they usually took the name of whatever trade they were - so this guy was the shroudmaker - which is a senden - and so all Sinden's come from this guy. So Harry Sinden, Donald Sinden - all Sinden's are related to me. I say Harry Sinden is my uncle (because he's old, so he should be an uncle, right?) Well I just discovered today that the director of the movie "The Usual Suspects" and the upcoming next Superman film - Bryan Singer - his Mom's name - is - Grace Sinden! So the director of the "Usual Suspects" is my COUSIN!!!! There's an article at with his mother because she's in all his movies like Martin Scorcese's mother is (or was because she's dead now).

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