Monday, March 21, 2016

Gail Benoit is back in business - but it's not Kijiji's fault

Gail Benoit - who has been in the business of selling unhealthy companion animals in Nova Scotia as far back as 2001 - has surfaced again on Kijiji selling maine coon kittens - for some reason she seems to be selling kittens now instead of puppies at the moment - and social media is on fire.

This was an ad posted on kijiji a couple weeks ago where Ms. Benoit is alleged to have been selling these kittens - and unfortunately someone took her up on the offer and paid $300 for one and $180 for the other.

Unfortunately the kittens the purchaser received didn't look like these kittens - but luckily for the person the kittens are healthy and hopefully will live a long and happy life - unlike a lot of other animals that Benoit has sold over the years.

There has been a lot of talk over the years about Kijiji selling live animals and that they shouldn't be doing it because of people like Gail Benoit - but the thing is - with everything purchased on online buying sites - it really is buyer beware - you have to do your research.

If Kijiji stopped selling animals - there are literally tons of other places to buy live animals in Nova Scotia where Benoit could - and I'm sure - does - sell her product - so it really doesn't matter whether Kijiji stops selling animals - the grift will continue to go on.

What we really need to do is just use these opportunities to educate the public about acquiring animals.

I personally recently acquired a much beloved puppy - from Kijiji - from a breeder within Nova Scotia who -

- let me visit the puppy anytime I wanted
- both parents were on site
- I received a health certificate (which is required by law in Nova Scotia)
- all the dogs in the care of the breeder were in the home and treated like pets
- the puppy was well socialized by the time I received him
- I am still in contact with the breeder for any ongoing questions I may have

All these things are really important - and you should be able to ask a ton of questions for any animal you are purchasing - it doesn't matter where the place is that you hear about the animal you want to get the animal from - whether it's kijiji or Petfinder or wherever - it's the research and the amount of work you put into it.

People spend weeks killing themselves trying to figure out which kind of phone to buy - but then they impulse buy a dog that's going to share their bed for the next 15 years - it doesn't make sense.

So don't blame kijiji for allowing Gail Benoit to continue her shafting people - blame ourselves for continuing to meet people in parking lots to buy animals that may be just hours from dying through no fault of their own.

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