Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Full Circle Vet to offer Ovary Sparing Spays and Vasectomy Neuters

Full Circle Veterinary Alternatives - located in Dartmouth, NS - the first alternative (vet to offer Integrative) veterinary medicine in the Halifax Regional Municipality - is now the first veterinary practice to offer spaying and neutering alternatives that don't completely remove the reproductive organs of our companion animals.

It's a very interesting idea - it's just something we've always taken for granted - that when you get your animal "fixed" - they get everything taken out - now we'll have an alternative - and maybe healthier alternative - that might make our companion animals live a longer, healthier life.

My Buttercup is going to be TWENTY ONE years old August 17th - a little over a month and a half away - I got her when s he was nine years old - and for the first nine years of her life she had her ovaries and uterus - she wasn't spayed until I got her - who's to say that she has lived this long a life because she kept her ovaries for a such a good chunk of her life? Maybe if she would have been spayed at 6 months like most dogs - I would have lost her a long time ago like most dogs do - not very many dogs live to be 21 years old - but Buttercup has - maybe it's because she was spayed so late in life?

They say that the regular spay and neuter is a better way to go because it reduces the changes of ovarian cancer and testicular cancer to zero percent - but what other cancers does it raise a huge amount of percent?

In humans when you have your ovaries removed you have to go on hormones for the rest of your life - why don't female dogs have to go on hormones? Maybe that's why there's so much hip dysplasia and other bone problems in dogs now?

I think if I ever got a new dog who needed to be spayed or neutered and they were my own personal dog - I think I might go this way. It just seems like the least invasive thing to do, and to me - that's always the best way to go - and kudos to Full Circle Vet for starting to offer this innovative procedure.


  1. Love Full Circle! This is a really valuable option. Maybe someday we will also have a birth control option that does not require any surgery. However, Full Circle is not the first to offer this option. I know of a Collie who had a vasectomy done at Spryfield Animal hospital eight years ago. I think there are vets who have been doing partial spays when requested for some time. As for people I'm afraid you have your info wrong. You do not HAVE to go on hormones once you have had your ovaries removed. I know many who have not taken anything after our spay, myself included.

    Sending early birthday greetings to your Buttercup!

  2. I thought if Hans didn't take hormones after getting their ovaries removed - at least until menopause that they dried up and blew away - shows how much I know about female anatomy!

  3. Always something new to learn for all of us. Perhaps you just didn't need to know :)